Resin-domed label development and manufacturing.



Adhesive vinyl labels with the best quality and price.



Logotypes and trademarks made from clean-cut certified vinyl.

Bétulo Labels S.L.

One of the leading domed resin labels

(Doming) manufacturer in Spain.

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Since January 2001, B>Labels provides solutions to companies from different sectors.
We have developed our own R&D&I, what has allowed us to create unique works in our market and expand our products, in which the domed resin labels (doming)  is an important part of our productions, though not the only one.

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Our resistant B>Dome labels are made by applying a clear layer of eco-friendly polyurethane resin onto a self adhesive material, which has been previously offset, digital or silk-screen printed.


A timeless classic, our B>Sticker label range consists on the traditional self-adhesive printed labels, which, by being given different finishes, are made apt for a nearly-endless variety of different applications, being used throughout many different sectors such as automotive, transportation or even the electronic industries.


Adhesive vinyl trimmed using a vectorized image to define the cutting trajectory our machinery will follow during the manufacturing process.


Aluminium sheet printed with relief to form metallic emblems.


3D pieces with a similar appearance to injection chromed materials used for lettering.


3D emblems produced by combining different plastic materials.


Consisting in directly decorating a plastic sheet printed or preformed located in the injection mould.


Our company rests on one fundamental principle: to provide our customers the utmost quality product while taking good care of the environment. This is reflected in our efficient working philosophy.


We have obtained the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 from TÜV Nord, which gives us credit in all our processes, just as in our efficient organization’s resource management, maintaining a constant improval.


We are a company committed to the environment’s care and protection, performing our sustainable development in all our activities.


All used materials in our manufacturing processes are certified, which contributes to assure the quality of our productions and our customer service.

For further information, contact our technical or commercial staff.

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